From the student body of Ukrainian Catholic University,
L'viv, Ukraine, 22 November 2004

To our fellow students and youth throughout the world:

We, the students of the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv, Ukraine), are sending you this letter in order to attract your attention to the current presidential elections in Ukraine, one of the biggest (although not wealthiest) European countries. There is a true battle for democracy going on here right now. Ukrainian journalists work under constant pressure; all major Ukrainian media are under control of pro-government political forces. Those who oppose the current highly corrupt political regime are heavily persecuted in many Ukrainian regions. The examples of such violent intimidation are the following cases. Observers of the opposition candidate have been cruelly beaten. The same happened with the leaders of student organization “Pora” (It`s time) and the members of their families. Workers of governmental organizations in all regions of Ukraine were threatened with losing their jobs if they did not vote for the pro-government candidate. Thousands of people are now in the streets protesting against the falsifications of elections. At this moment about half a million people are at the main square of the capital of Ukraine in Kyiv. At this moment 99,7% of votes have been counted. The pro-government candidate got 49,7% and the candidate from opposition got 46,7%. However, these results are falsified.

We ask all students to support us in defending truth and justice in Ukrainian society. We need to feel that we are not alone, that there are a lot of people ready to help us to protect our Motherland from violations of freedom and democracy which is made by the government candidate.

You can express your support by
1) prayer together with your friends, that God, Justice, Truth and Love will grant Ukraine justice and protect our freedom of choice;
2) if possible, appeal to your local media to pay attention to falsifications of voting and intimidations during the second round of Ukraine's elections;
3) write to us with your support. It helps us to defend our free choice when we feel support of the youth of other countries;
4) spread this information to all your friends.

Thank you for your support! Together we are the strength which cannot be ignored!


The Student Body
Ukrainian Catholic University
L'viv, Ukraine