my aunt comadant ask me 'why i write always in english here?' i've wrote when i've started to wrote in english why, but i can explain again: i was adviced for more than one person for wrote in english, normally everybody understands n likethat it could be read by my friends out from PORTUGAL. In a word, MARKETING.
please André, brother-ninja. continue improving/correcting my bad english.
wednesday listening read in a encounter of 'acessibilidades', a hit-book of the 'pararaplegich', nice n now famous salvador i was thinking: well i've to write my writing (i've always afraid of calling that 'book') fouding a history (enredo), there'll be different my idea of this disease/accident after being good and it's better to do something now with the ideas from now it could be more complete, intoducing:


Faço um repto não violento (partir a cabeça não) à minha memória que sempre foi curta para uma ajuda aqui no 'escrito' sem falhas; uma amiga (colorida daquelas que provoca o sentimento de ter borboletas na barriga) disse a certa altura que a mente escolhe o que quer esquecer, talvez...

So i'll use this time of phisioterapy when normallly, i'm in foot, to write loosing the communication with outside, for example msn, e-mail, blog.
the novity today is that i was alone in foot justt supported by one hand in a table.
today i'll try to find a winner of the snack (lanche).
yesterday talking with my father i've wrote that believing in a god (crença) n love have in common to me something that i cannot explain, i think that this place is good to share this kind of thougts.