i had the advice of writing in english and likethat it could be read by my foreigner friends from germany to greece but if there are portuguese friends that don’t understand my bad english, well they get bad luck.
I will take PEG – a tube in the belly that used to serve for eating, and now don´t is use for nothing,just to give problems, day 21.

I’ll go to take part in a list to Mocamfe – movement of vacations for young people – that had changed my life.

I have get the advice of a friend rita lerda for answering the text of ‘who wants to be a milionar’ asking for if i want the replies that i’ll give or of who wrotes, the reply was ‘make the two’, well i’ll pay the price of a meal of the end of afternoon(lanche) till 5 euros to the winner.

I want to make a protest against the acess of wheel chairs in lisboa e cascais, for that MEL – movement of ex-leppards – and a thing called acessibilidades will have to work, i’ve think in two known friends - augusto mateus e zé mane purê do BE for being a protest spoken. I’ve spoked with medics of the hospital and they show interest.

In my free time i’ll try to write about this will.
I’ll start to write in english perhaps.

In monday, i´ll try to read and see whath of the terapeut of speaking understand