stuff hard, easy and sweet
Yesterday it was supposed that i toked PEG but it don't because a misunderstading between doctors, but it was been scheduled
for next day 25/2 and today it was speaked in retirate before, it was inportant at a certain time, but now it don't have any use and it just give problens
if i don't reply to u on msn is because appears in a strange place the conversations.
I'm always afraid of answering to the questions of 'who wants to be a milionard', going down you could find it, and it worst a meal of the end of afternoon (lanche) until 5 euros, when i'll have time i'll write in english sothat the my foreigners friends can play, is very easy for who know me well, and i've tried to resolve it and is hard, because there were several hipothesys that i could give. But i've a solution that could work. U must give your answer and imagine that u are me, so give two answers.
Today i received a letter of my greek friends (natassa talasnal e foteini claridade) very sweet with a cd of greek music with the hit in florence 'ego que si e si que ego'.