who wants to be a millionaire?
Who wants to be a millionaire?

A) Me, me, meeeeeeeeeee, pleaaaaase, s’ils vous plait,pleaseeee, biteeeee,por favoriiii

B) I'm already feeling the perfume of green dollars. Is this being greedy?

C) I prefer health, peace, love and care.

D) So soon? I don't even have to show how dumb I am?

Is medicine limiting?

A) Sure, it lacks widespread knowledge. Not everything was invented yet.

B) We have been asking that question since Leo Da Vinci

C) Ask doctors, fisiotherapists and nurses. They will immediately say, in a "Natal dos Hospitais"- like, meaning cheap, chorus: noooooooooooo.

D) No, I can handle other people's pain.

Is this the way we play "Who wants to be a millionaire"?

A) Nope, the answers are already settled and players only have to choose.

B) Yes, please let the euros come in

C) Wasn't it in tv? What has internet to do with it?

D) How do I know?

To be discharged from Alcoitão you have to be charged with a depression

A) No, you have to work hard to be healed

B) There are so many maniacs around, "admissions in Júlio de Matos' madhouse required".

C) Laughing is therapeutic.

D) Very nice question you got there, dread, nope!

To be a feminist is...

A) To be tolerant and have respect for the weak sex

B) To be loved by women, some people even call him a playboy

C) To understand that this world is divided in "women'" and "men", and respect that difference.

D) To see prostitution as the product of a capitalistic world

Is one spoilt when one was too much spoilt?

A) It depends on what you consider "spoilt" and "too much"

B) Not if your ready for it

C) Education is important

D) How much repeated spoiling does it take?

Do you believe Zé Maria will be ok?

A) We were expecting this egocentric narcissism

B) It depends a lot on him

C) It depends on him and others, trust without fear, almost "faith"

D) Why should he want to be ok? He is allways in hollyday...

He is forgetting things? Yes or no?

A) Who?

B) He already was... But he could have worsened now.

C) I very ethically think no.

D) Not when he wants.


A) What have I done to deserve it?

B) Where's the mother?

C) We got time, if nothing unexpected happens in the meantime...

D) I heard there are sales for adoptions in Continental Portugal, but I come from the Azores...

Is mac the best computer in the market?

A) APRRE, it has some really weard habits...

B) Yeah, no doubt about it, just listen to what geeks say

C) F... C....SHIT. Don't even mention those calhambeques.

D) Macdonald’s? I could eat a BIG MAC right now

‘ein frohles neun jahr’ means

A) We were also expecting this polyglot ideas of his...

B) Happy new year (it's german)

C) em folia néu já

D) If I knew the answer, would I become a ‘millionaire’?

A "forward" is...

A) Bullshit

B) A striker in english or a Mantorras in portuguese

C) useful to reach a lot of friends or like if you have a blog. It works more or less the same way.

D) To be a megalomaniac.

Ant the winner is

A) Meeeeeeeee

B) Am I a millionaire yet?

C) Is this shit over?

D) I request the audience's kind help

to be candidate, and it worth a snack until 5 euros, you need to answer to this two times: one imagining that is me, and reply for yourself. 2 answers=2 snack's.